Gary Hawke, Integral Therapeutic Practitioner

Gary Hawke

Gary Hawke

On completing his three year Acting Diploma at The Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Arts, Gary Hawke performed in Community and Physical Theatre along with developing drama based personal development workshops for the socially excluded.

For the research on his Post Graduate Certificate of Education at Greenwich University, Gary worked with the homeless and drug users, integrating emotional awareness, cognitive development, supportive relationships and strong social structures to provide an integral training programme aimed at helping the participants develop positive independent living skills.

This work, along with the Prison Education Management work Gary current undertakes, led him to achieve the Institute for Learning level 5 teacher status licence.

Gary’s investigation into how an Integral Perspective could support transformational change, led to him to attend the 3 year Health Professions Council Dramatherapy training at Roehamptom University. His Dramatherapy work has allowed Gary to explore Integral Transformative Practice in his professional work with both children and adults.

In 2005, Gary and his partner set up Confluent Living, which has provided Integral informed workshops for Actors, Support Workers, Mentors, Managers, Teachers and Therapists.

2006 saw Gary begin to facilitate The London Integral Life Practice Group, which meets once a month with an occasional day long practice. In July 2008 Gary facilitated the Introduction to ILP with the co-creator of ILP, Terry Patten, and in October 2008 he was invited to run the morning ILP session in Boulder, Colorado, for the Integral Leadership in Action Conference.

He has been invited back to the Integral Leadership in Action Conference in October 2009 where he will be a guest on the open panel along with Jeff Salzman, Terry Patten, Zak Stein, Clint Fuhs, and Robb Smith. He will also be running a 90 session on ILP as a model of support for turbulence and transformation, along with offering morning sessions

Gary continues deepening the ILP sessions by integrating both the structure and framework of ILP.