Long Dark Airport of the Soul

So I have arrived back in London, 18 hours later than expected, bad weather and troubled waters in New York meaning that my Denver to New York flight was delayed and thus missing my connection in New York and it’s spring break meaning that I was not able to get a flight out of New York until 10 am the following morning, thus I spent the night in New York airport.

But with my new found We space perspective, or understanding the importance of connection, I spent 3 hours talking and drinking with a fellow lost soul.  We discussed holidays, work and the importance of giving and receiving.

It is all well and good supporting the growth of others but it is just as important to ensure that you are taking care of yourself. This is not an egoic thing but a need to remain healthily, in body, mind, spirit and soul.

It was almost as if I was fated to remain in New York, to have this very important meeting.

I was the one that began the conversation – I went for it – in the past I would have just sat at the bar watching TV or finding something to read, but now, I recognised that connection (human connection) was what I needed and so just opened up, took the risk and made connect.

“This is the biggest lesson I will take…  the need to make connections with people, not just as a teacher, but as a friend.”

And this is the biggest lesson I will take from my 5 days in Boulder, the need to make connections with people, not just as a teacher, but as a friend.

In the world of Integral we might forget the importance of friends.  When we being to see the impermanence of things, it is more and more important to have permanence through friendships.

The Sanga of not just like minded people but of people is important, hiding behind a role so that you do not dive into your vulnerability or spending far too much time developing yourself can have an negative effect. You become lonely. (I was trying to complete this sentence with something, but I realised that it is complete).

I have a wonderful friend in Anne and missed her while I was away and I will always see Anne’s as my best friend, but I feel now the need to make more friends. And not just within the Integral community.

There is a simple feeling of being and the feeling is intensified in friendship.

Gary (Back home with his luggage that was once lost and is now found).

Ps did you get all the song titles and references?

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