Day Two: What is your Elevator Speech?

So here I am at Day Two and after a focused meditation and a quick look at day one through the quadrants, I am back in the workspace, looking at developing my project, so let me introduce you to Gary Hawke – Integral Therapeutic Practitioner.

Gary Hawke is an Integral Therapeutic Practitioner – he is informed by the work of Ken Wilber’s AQAL theory and it application praxis Integral Life Practice.

He uses Integral Application to support his clients to achieve confluence within their relationships both personal and work related, and to develop a growing awareness of positive action and a balanced emotional and spiritual life.

It’s a start, but one that I think that I can live up to. The block for me in defining the intention and during my coaching session yesterday I realised that for me the project is not an object but a projection.

I found AQAL and was amazed by how a simple model…(yes I know it does not appear to be simple but believe me it is…and Gary Hawke ITP will be bringing you a simple one day introduction to the world of integral as one of the Integral Application currently being developed) … can describe the whole of everything. I was overwhelmed as to how it made sense of my life and wanted to help others get a feel for AQAL.

So I am not working on a project I am working on projecting my AQAL intention as a way of bringing people together, offering a space in which they can explore their self identity and through a self assured positive awareness see the other as an unique “I” so that as they grow and learn to love who they are they are able to recognise the love for the other. As this love grows and manifests, fear falls way and there is just supportive love. And, in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make.


Side Bar

I am sure I have mentioned this – at drama school in voice dialogue class during sight reading session we would try and put words in the text which were in context, the skill was to place a word in a sentence as you were reading out loud.

And to make sure that no one noticed the additional word. In these blogs I will be placing the title of a song somewhere in the text, sometimes they will be clearly identified at other times they will be used within a sentence.


“I am working at the coal face of Integral, not developing Integral for people who already know Integral, but exposing people to the joy of an integrally informed life.”

My other realisation, was that I am spending too much time in what I call that golden light of Ken, not wanting to mess with the Integral approach and wanting to be as Integral kosher as possible. But, and for me this is a deep realisation, I am far enough away from the epicentre of the Integral community that I am a pioneer, I am working at the coal face of Integral, not developing Integral for people who already know Integral, but exposing people to the joy of an integrally informed life, and I am developing the skills necessary to help people connect with AQAL.

Now to do this I might have to leave behind the golden light of Ken and dive into how I am going to create my own Integral Wave, Ken created the groove but if we keep just doing Ken than that groove will get stale.

For me the time has come to pull my wheel out of the rut and create my own groove, my identity within the Integral community.

And today I have started to create that groove…next this afternoon I am in a workshop that will help me prepare an Eelevator Speech…more on that tomorrow.