The End, The Beginning or Just a Jump into The Unknown

As you read this last blog from Austin, I would like to invite you to notice your breathing. Wherever you are, notice how the breath enters and exits, notice when your breath turns from an in breath to an out breath.

Allow yourself to deepen the breath – letting yourself just relax into the breath. Let the in breath fall as far inside as you are able, and when you let the breath go, allow it to travel out through the top of your head.

So just breath deeply – falling and growing – feeling the Agape following down from above the evolutionary connection falling down from on high and feel the Eros, the pull up the stretching up to the higher and higher.

Notice the space where the breath is held in dynamic tension between the in and out – allow yourself just for a moment to sit in the space – allow yourself to feel the pull, the drive, the need to expand upwards. Notice the space in between – notice within this space that you can surrender to all the possibility of your being – you are both full and ready to empty out full of the divine love that brought you life and ready to send this divine love to the world.

As you breathe in, say;

“I breathe into the FULLNESS of life”

And as you breathe out, say;

“I breathe out and return to LIGHT – completing the circle I am free and full.”

Let’s just contemplate that for a moment – Free and Full – what a wonder(ful) feeling that is to be fully connected to your ‘is-ness’ – that which you truly are, and yet at the same time to be connected to the ’suchness’ of this and every arising moment.

Free and Full – now what would happen if today you went out into the world and helped people to be Free and Full – Free to express and (ful)fill their potential and to be aware of the space between each other that brings you and I (We) closer together.

Free, Full and (TWO)gether – The Two becomes One and We move into the new world, alive bright and truly human.

Let to day be the day after – the new day, with a new view – with a new way of making sense of the world. With a new you and a new me, be the change you want to see – no be the change that you are enacting moment to moment – and are helping the world to enact moment to moment.

You know deep down you want to do this – so just do it. Let’s make this not a better place to be – let’s witness that it is a better place to be. Lets wake up.

For me, this whole conference has been a roller coaster – there has been some wonderful presentations of how Ken’s (Wilber’s) model of integral theory can be used, and there have been some presentations that where not so good, they had energy but the execution was not spot on.

“For me Leadership is a multi- dimensional thing and business is one developmental line of leadership.”

This conference was much more focused on business application – which, given where we are in the world today, was a good idea – but for me Leadership is a multi- dimensional thing and business is one developmental line of leadership.

So though I really take away some very deep learning, I also take away a much deeper understanding of myself, and how I want to enact with the integral worldview.

And, of course, the tension I found arising manifested in me – during Saturday morning circle, pulled me to enter the middle of the circle and to take the stage, demanding that we hold practice as an important part of leadership – it was not a small circle it was a full conference circle.

Now some who know me know that when I step up I can become quite demanding and a little big challenging and I am a northerner with a northern accent, but believe me if I take a space that this I can do and I can fill it. And I did…which in the end I think helped push people into taking practice seriously.

One of the conference organisers said to me that he was inspired by what I said and wanted to make it one of the aims for next year’s conference.

Now please do not ask me what I said or did – when you speak from the heart brain you speak into the moment and when that moment is over then there is no recollection of what took place – the heart brain has the wrong sort of neurones.

So in the end did I enjoy it – meeting people I have not seen for a year was great – and call them friends – listening to some great people talk and taking to some great people was worth being here for – will I come again? mmmm…I am not sure, I hope that my presence here has influenced the ILiA committee and I would love to come back to continue the work and offer the work to more people.

But would I come back just as a delegate I am not so sure. So what next – well next next is lunch then a bit off packing…. Next is the practice group and you are more than welcome to come along – also working with Whole Life Whole World to deepen Integral Wisdom, but you know what I just really want to happen next is to sit with Anne and see her smile, and there is a transformational practice!

Take Care

Gary Hawke (All the way from Austin, Texas – soon to be London)