Eucalyptus, Love and Just Too Much Going On

So I guess I now have to ask, do I blog or do I write an in depth report on day two looking at the day through the four quadrants or as we say in the Integral World the four quadrevia – I am sure I have spelt that right but unfortunately my note book is not integral enough to understand all Integral speak.

We say that we have four dimensions of being, two that form our individuality, and two that form our connections. Everything from atoms to humans to all that manifests are made up of these four dimensions. But we can also look at an object though one of these four dimensions. The chair I am sitting on as I type this can be seen as a functional object – or a support for my tired body. One thing but two ways of seeing it; this we call quadrevia.

I know it does not make any sense and you see that is my problem – if I was to try and explain all that took place today I would need to really write an essay rather that an easy to read blog.

So … I know … let me tell you how I feel; alive, and though part of me is complete by being here listening to Don Beck explain how Spiral Dynamics is changing the world – how the opposites can be seen to have an infinity loop of energy guiding us to a deeper understanding of how to support turbulence, or Zak Stein explaining the difference between a model and a metric, or EnlightenNext explaining what it is like at the edge of the Integral Worldview.

Now any integral practitioner would I am sure feel complete, however, during dinner, Zak and I discussed not how to use assessment methods to gain a deeper understand to the manifest realm, No, we talked about how we were missing our partners and some of the strategies we are using to create the sense of being with someone you love.

“Love is all you need - in a true and deeply authentic way that only comes from an awareness of the deeper currents of reality.”

And for me this has been the real highlight of the day, that two people who, until less than 30 hours ago had never spoken, could feel free to express how they are missing the deep connection of the other that sits within love. And after all Love is all you need - not in a Beatles early ‘Green’ (Spiral Dynamics for the emerging post modern world that, musically, the Beatles helped create), but in a true and deeply authentic way that only comes from an awareness of the deeper currents of reality.

Oh yes, and my ILP sessions, both the morning and the afternoon session, were intimate and lively dives into ILP and the eucalyptus – that’s just me trying to get rid of my head cold. I smell like a tube of extra strong mints.

If you don’t mind I am going off to bed to put my arms around my pillow.

Goodnight all and A


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