My ‘I’ View of The Integral Leadership in Action Conference

So I am all packed (well nearly) – and about set to travel out to Austin, Texas, for the fourth and my third Integral Leadership In Action Conference.  The event is shaping up to be a great big dive into Integral Theory and Practice.

For those of you that wonder what Integral Theory is then; You have a view of the world – and I have a view of the world which may be different from your view.  If you and I were to find a common meaning then You and I become a WE.  The view we are taking or the world itself is an IT and object we can look at.

From this simple perspective taking, I, We, It, - we can expand it out in such away as to be able to develop an integral view of the world, where Science (IT) and Spirit (I/We) can come together.

For me, the exploration of Integral Theory is within the practice, and its Integral Life Practice (ILP) that is going to be the basis for my offering this week.

The 4th Integral Leadership in Action Conference takes place in Austin, Texas.

The 4th Integral Leadership in Action Conference takes place in Austin, Texas.

I will be offering the morning sessions – which can be great fun, not just as a great big We space – but trying to run an early morning session when I am still trying to get over my jet lag, (there’s the fun bit).

I will also be running a workshop on how ILP can support turbulence and transforming – but more on than as the week goes on.

Last year’s event was, for me, a wonderful experience, and one that I wanted to repeat this year.

If I had an intention for the week it would be to deepen ILP as a form a practice that can allow people to come together and share a growing commitment to their own growth and the growth of others.

I have been asked to blog from Austin – which I hope to do, as soon as I understand how you blog… if this is a blog then welcome and I hope that I will be able to give a quick flavour of my Integral week in Austin.



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